Monday, March 9, 2009

Thinking Inside The Box.

The DIY Light Box Project started as a quick and dirty way to make flash cards for my son. Just to shoot random objects around the house to help build vocabulary and memory. Figured what better way to do it then use objects he actually sees in the house.

It started with a cardboard box (free), $6.00 worth of rip-stop nylon, 2 pieces of poster board and some glue. I already had strobes and Pocket Wizards so that wasn’t an issue. A little overkill to use AlienBees but its what I had on hand. I had it all assembled before I took my first test shot. Once I figured out my exposure it was just a matter of finding things to put in the box.

CookiesDogLittle Red WagonDucky

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Editor said...

Memory cards! what a neat idea. R

rickismom said...

I did the same type of thing (though more than a bit less professionally when my daughter was small. Besides saving me the costs of "colar cards", it had the advantage of being the objects she saw. (This is especially since I live outside the USA-England, and objects here-like yogurt, say, happen to be different)
Now in addition to sight-reading cards, and memory cards, you can also use these pics to make a flip book (using a small picture album, say) and give your child the chance to CHOOSE which toy he wants. This will teach him that language (even non-verbal) is USABLE. After he chooses well and easily using the book,and he expects what he chose, try sometimes to give him something different, to give him the oportunity to stand up for his rights and say "no".
(p.s. My daughter is 14 years olod....)

rickismom said...

PS If you have a camera, and imagination, drop the nylon. Its worth it to buy a laminating machine; You"ll use it often enough......